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This blog is written by a librarian in a small town in south central Iowa. Originally, this blog began as a reader's advisory to highlight some of the great reads available to loan to our library patrons. However, the focus of the blog was too narrow so I have changed the address and now include anything involving our local library on this blog site. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Warm and Fuzzy books

If you are in the mood for easy to read books that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy then I have another series of books to recommend. I stated on an earlier post that one of my hobbies is quilting. So, once again, I was thrilled to find a nice fiction book that had quilts, quilting and quilters as part of the main plot. I have really enjoyed the Elm Creek Quilts series by Jennifer Chiaverini. I have read all 9 books in this series and eagerly await the next one if there is another one. Without giving away the entire storyline, I will say that that the setting is a mansion in Pennsylvania and the plot generally follow one themes. Some of the books explore the history of the family that built the mansion and the ancestors of the current owner and the others tells about the present-day activities at the quilt camp that the mansion is now used for. Chiaverini does a great job with character development. Her descriptions are colorful and vivid. While you need not be a quilter to enjoy the stories, the references to quilting seem accurate. The author is a very inclusive when it comes to the different styles of quilting. Quilters have different preferences and styles and they are all welcome at Elm Creek Manor. Just reading one of these great books makes me want to slip away for a week at quilt camp. But, since I am always busy at the library, I'll have to settle for going to quilt camp in my dreams while I am tucked in under one of my favorite home made quilts.


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