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This blog is written by a librarian in a small town in south central Iowa. Originally, this blog began as a reader's advisory to highlight some of the great reads available to loan to our library patrons. However, the focus of the blog was too narrow so I have changed the address and now include anything involving our local library on this blog site. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I was up at 4:15 Sunday morning the first day of the ride. I didn't intend to get up this early but I needed to use the facilities. By the time I got back from the quarter mile walk to said facilities I was too awake to bother trying to sleep again. I packed up my tent and was on my bike by 5:20. It was sort of dark but there were plenty of bikes ahead of me with lights. It is a beautiful cool morning with a brisk breeze - breeze not wind really.

The first town I arrived in was George. I found the library and was greeted by a very friendly librarian and a volunteer that regularly assists her. I plan to stop at as many libraries as possible this week so I'll end this blog and get back on my bike.


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